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“It was the mid year of 2009 and everything was going extraordinary. My nephew and his better half would take long strolls on the shoreline, split frozen custards together, and even offer iPod earphones while picnicking in the recreation center. Fortunately they discovered everything on camera telephone and it was always carved in time on his Facebook page in the collection “”Genuine Luv 4Ever.”” Fast forward to pre-fall 2009 and he discovered she was going behind his back with a person she met on the shoreline, the man that scooped their frozen custards and even the person that sold him the iPod, and since collection “”Genuine Luv 4 Ever”” is fairly unexpected.

He would’ve quite recently erased the collection however fortunately or unfortunately, he had some extraordinary Photoshopping aptitudes that he had used to energize the pics. He needed to flaunt his (not ok for) work yet none of his companions were going to tap on the collection with the soft name. Not simply that, he himself couldn’t uncovered to see those words “”Genuine Luv 4 Ever”” posted on his now desolate Facebook Clone Script page.

In the event that you happen to be a sweetheart hated too, fortunately there’s a simple method to change the name of your Facebook photograph collection.

Instructions to change the name of your Facebook photograph collection

1. Just go to Profile

2. Photographs

3. Collection

4. Presently, click on the blue pencil and it will give you the choice to alter data.

Here you can make adjustments to your scrapbook photograph collections and in particular change the name. Presently, I’m not saying he was angry but rather when he renamed the photograph diary “”Die…or at any rate get harmed by a Greyhound transport you messy, filthy lady”” he without a doubt got a great deal of traffic. Subsequently my best Facebook tip and the lesson of the story is that it is OK in the event that you post soft, debilitated photograph collection names for you since you can change the name of it later. Thank sky for that.

Mitz Pantic composed this article. In the event that you have relationship issues we can’t support you, yet on the off chance that you need more Facebook tips and wound stories make sure to visit Tips For Facebook. We are Facebook freeks and nerds and can help you un-tangle the Facebook puzzle.”

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