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In this article you will figure out how to benefit from your illustrations card by putting in new drivers and tweaking Windows. The guide is based around Windows XP Professional Edition yet you can utilize a similar manual for change different Windows working frameworks.

Stage 1.

The principal thing you have to realize what illustrations card you are utilizing. The most well known illustrations card organizations are nVidia and ATi. Both these organizations have a superb scope of items and offer great administration. When you realize what illustrations card you are utilizing, at that point go to the organizations site where you can download the most recent drivers.

Drivers are programming that runs your illustrations card, printer or scanner accurately. Being fully informed regarding drivers will help fathom issues that may emerge with present day PC diversions. Just as of late I needed to refresh my drivers to settle an issue I had with a diversion I as of late bought, and this tackled my concern.

Alright once you have downloaded your drivers for your designs card ensure you make a reestablish point utilizing the utility System Restore. This should be possible my snap Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools and afterward System Restore. At that point adhere to the on screen directions to make the reestablish point. By doing this it ensures that if an issue happens after you introduced the new drivers, you can come back to the reestablish point to check whether the issue is the drivers you introduced.

When you’ve wrapped up your reestablish point, you have to introduce your drivers. This can done by double tapping on the record you downloaded and afterward you adhere to the on screen guidelines. After you’ve introduced your drivers you should restart Windows so the progressions can produce results.

In the event that everything works out as expected you should see an expansion in execution in your recreations and you won’t have to return to your reestablish point. On the off chance that you do have issues, utilize your reestablish point to return and fix the issues. In the event that the issue holds on, contact the organization that made your designs card.

Stage 2.

Ensure you have the most recent form of DirectX. This should be possible by going onto the Microsoft site and looking DirectX. When you’ve downloaded the most recent variant, you should make another reestablish point. One individual I know introduced the most recent variant of DirectX and afterward had issues a while later, and in light of the fact that they didn’t make a reestablish point they couldn’t settle the issue thus they expected to reformat their PC to take care of the issue. Again to make a reestablish point, go to Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools and afterward System Restore.

When you’ve made the reestablish point introduce the most recent adaptation of DirectX by double tapping on the record you just downloaded. Adhere to the on screen guidelines and once you’ve completed you should restart your Windows.

Stage 3.

In this progression I will manage you through tweaking Windows XP. The initial step will change the execution of Windows, to do this right-tap on My Computer and after that Properties->Advanced->Performance->Settings and select ‘Alter for best Performance’.

The following stage is to change your Themes, so right-tap on your work area and select Properties. Under the Themes tab set your topic to Windows Classic.

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